A Journey through London City on foot


Blackfriars is an area of central London, which lies in the south-west corner of the City of London. These series of images I took in my short walk around the area. My aim was to capture unusual images of the area. I didn’t want to photograph what everyone else does, I wanted  to avoid touristic looking images so kept looking down to the floor and  concentrated on peoples feet and shoes. i wanted to photograph the unseen things we take for granted and never pay notice of. Continue reading


My Gifted Daughter

My 4 year old Daughter is Gifted

My daughter was doing a 100 piece puzzles when she turned 3. She will be 4 in the next couple of months. The floor puzzles are great. The puzzles with extra large pieces are good too.

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My Sister’s Bald Photoshoot!

Cancer is a foul demon, one that strikes at the heart of our entire being and defies everything we consider to be good about this world. It causes pain, suffering and despair, both to its victims and their loved ones, and sets us upon a path of darkness that none of us could have ever foreseen. From the first instant where these malignant cells show their ugly faces, war begins. For those who must carry this burden, some are tragically slain during the first battle; others tread staunchly on, supported by friends, family members and well-wishers alike, desperate to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. The victory comes when love, strength, faith and the grace of God triumph over this beast and light prevails once more. For some, it is a war that never ends and the battle-weary soldier recognizes that while the beast may be vanquished for now, its ultimate demise is not for certain and its return is a possibility. As a result, the triumphant often take care to implement health measures to help thwart its return.
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For Many of Us, our Greatest Fear is not our Own Death, but the Death of Those we Love …

When I was first brought into this world, my mother died. I never knew my mother, but of course she stays with me in my mind, heart and soul and I often wonder what it would have been like if she had survived. I was raised by my half-sister, who has been like a mother to me, and she is currently in her fifties. Continue reading

My Sister’s Cancer Battle

My Brave Little Sister

One day last year, after my sister returned from her honeymoon trip from Colombia, I received a call from another family member to inform me that Jenny, my youngest sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The funny thing was that it was her own husband who discovered a lump on her left breast. (I wonder what he was up to at that particular moment) She made an appointment to have it checked out and, after two weeks, my sister had confirmation that it was, in fact, breast cancer.

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Revealing Angelita’s World


This gallery contains 25 photos.

A few days in my little girl’s real moments. She is Amazing, clever,funny, and LOVING.   My daughter is the main reason I got into children’s photography. I have always been surrounded by kids having grown up with sisters with children around … Continue reading


I was not nominated for the ice bucket challenge, but if I were, I would not take part. I have my reasons for my decision, ones that I have researched. Combined with my own personal feeling that something just doesn’t feel right about the way millions of people will gladly throw a bucket of icy water over their heads to follow a current fad, I have decided to list my reasons below: Continue reading

Film Noir/ Perdu dans Paris

Film noir is . . . A French term meaning “black film,” or film of the night, inspired by the Series Noir.

A narrative series of photographs taken while in a trip to Paris, to create the same mood, the sense of unease, the same thrill of narrative while using similar types of film noir locations.The aim is to utilise the light and shadow to take us back to that time and place.

I was greatly Watching The Third Man film  for this assignment. This is one of the great cinema classics; Robert Krasner won an Oscar for his fantastic cinematography and lighting techniques. Continue reading

Boaters Trip

Beach head boat

I recently visited the Science Museum in South Kensington to view the much-anticipated Only in England exhibit. This is a retrospective exhibition devoted to the work of Tony Ray-Jones, the great British documentary photographer. Ray-Jones was fascinated by the peculiarities of English social traditions. Continue reading

The joy of Le Puy

I love food and I love photography and it is just a natural thing to combine the two together to improve my food photography.

One feasts as much with one’s eye as with one’s taste buds. The objective is to make food look gorgeous and delicious. The styling plays an important part in the images to capture its flavours,textures and aromas to communicate to viewers. creating an amazing looking dish is an art whether you eat it or photograph it. Continue reading